by Doron Diamond

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You may never know just how much you impacted me and my work, but without each and every one of you, this collection of songs would simply cease to exist. My sincerest and deepest gratitude to you all, and I love you so dearly for the human beings that you are. Thank you.

"FARYN" would not be possible (seriously, not even close) without the extraordinary help and support of the following people:

My family, Julien Fyhrie, Shawna Rosen, Alison Liss, Todd Grabarsky, Arie Peled, Faryn Einhorn, Deanie Eichenstein, Melissa Rakowitz, Alexandra Kevyn, Anneka Pvnko, Lily Diamond Hiller, Jack Ipekjian, Edan Leshnick, The Keynans, Panni Malekzadeh, Erica Ramos, Trevor Einhorn, Joe Einhorn, Christian Redding, Dale Megan Healey, Nick Fyhrie, Jennifer Juniper, Jenny Smith, Ben Craw, Brendan Shields, Joanclair Richter, Alexandra Dumas Rhodes, Ryan Weiss, Kim Masdeo, Nicolas Thompson, Megan Salmon, Saba Harouni, Georgia Lill, Stefanie Louie Rodewald, Jessica Halliburton, Meredith Strober, Warren Lain, Natalie Kuhn, Kevin Katich, Kevin Blumenfeld, Pamela Takefman, Madelyn Morris, George Van Pelt, Sophia Moreno-Bunge, Alexis Sablone, MacKenzie Fegan, Jessica Ehrhardt, Maya Prohovnik, Caroline Joseph, Matthew Nall, Christian Redding, Michelle King Gill, Cassie Marketos, Billy Scafuri, Adam Lustick, Gali Firstenberg, Ayelet Firstenberg, Gil Demeter, Hanna Mumper, Sabrina Idels, Mimi Cheng, Connie Lim, MT Letsinger, Ryan Kalams, Justin Setareh, Ryan Prasad, Anne Heinrich, Justin Kane, Michael Share, Eli Meschures, David Phillips, Chaney Trotter, Julia Jasiunas, Alicia Modeen, Lia Richardson, Cece Gabbay, Tim Bateman, Stephen Johnson, Kimiko Goldberg, Alex Lifschitz, Daniel Lifschitz, Jeremy Abaronok, Liyam Eloul, David Bertnick, Theresa Ryan, Ariyana Edmond, Margaux Nguyen, Alissa Gibbins, Michelle GreenQueen Carroll, Katelyn Elizabeth, Eliza Lehrke, Darcy Jo Martin, Marie Wencel, Rena Ragimova, Elizabeth Savar, Shira Landau, Ayla Stern, Liana Moynier, Novid Rassouli, Patricia Murphy, David Brundige, Kelly Leech, Shoshi London, Sophia Roussos, Rachel Fletcher, Rachel Flynn, Mallory Grace Reulman, Mauve Patrick, Stefanie Kochen, Jamie Spaulding, Astrid Carrillo, Allison Boxer, Nicole Ruby, Wade Ryff, Marianna Lemonis, Daryl Johnson, Levi Sharpe, Katie Smyth, Robin-John Stewart, Chloe Cox, Lauren Russo, Melissa Larrea, Neel Rahc, Sara Mizban, Sarah McCaig, Daktoa Romero, Meli Wasserman, Jon Sol, Lauren Spieller, Joie Mazor, Kailynn West, Kassie Kukura, Michael Lockman, Emily Keaty, Ashani Rivers, Molly Hurwitz, Marla Greenwald, Leah Yadegar, Willa Miller, Karly Erin Railsback, Van Pierszalowski, Abby Kaye, Jenna Bonenfant, Deborah Stokol, Sierra Drucker, Tessa Brunton, Andrew Benhanan, Trista-Lee Roininen, Rebel Neary, Travis Hodge, Pedi Jake Hakimi, Max Zimbert, Julie Goler, Julia Romanskaya, Harris Rappaport, Faith Watetu Kimburi, Kevin Hayes, Zara Katz, Elana Istrin, Jenna Griffin, Katie Bloomquist, Remy Kresser, Heather Martarella, Carine Idy, Elisa Pope, Arianne Ayers, Nolan Freeman, Sinqua Walls, Doreen Sayegh, Danielle Snook, Maya Zellman, Davina Attar, Frida Benhanan, Yehuda Benhanan, Nancy Zellman, Dean Zellman, Sasha Bergstrom-Katz, Alexandria Forsberg, Laura Evans, Cara Siegel, Brooke Thomas, Joe Arias, Andy Sacher, Sofia Van Wingerden, Taylor Ross, Kendi, Alec Bridges, Samantha Horn, Leah King, Amanda Rusher Foushee, Liz Beers, Alex Borys, Stephanie Lewis, Alex Perlman, Carrie Anfuso, Lulu Waks, Gideon Arom, Brittany Daniels, Esther Feldman, Kristin Hector, Josue Rosa, Viktoria Stamm, Emma Dan, Andrea Limas, Peter Swartz, Leah Page, Boba Andric, Grace McIntire, Michael Hilsman, Andre Vippolis, Natalie Davis, and many more.


released August 1, 2012


Doron Diamond: Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, English horn, Piano, Electric organ, Electric piano, Banjo, Bass guitar, Ukulele, Horns, Strings, Glockenspiel, Accordian, Synths, Drum kit, Rotary Phone, Oboe, Percussion, Shakers, Tambourine, Vocals, Layout, Arrangement, Production

James "Bass" Rickman: Bass on tracks 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 10

Erik Samuelson: Mixing + Mastering

Artwork: Gina Farkas

Executive Producer: Andrew Curtis



all rights reserved


Doron Diamond Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: (Find Another Place)
It took you so long but you found out that you never were a friend
It took me so long but there's no doubt or a helping hand to lend
You keep playin' on piano and yer tryin' to find yerself
If you believe in what yer sayin' then it's you and no one else

I had a painting I had a picture I threw a carnival for you
You had to go there you had to be there you had to know it to be true
You had your trees and you tried to please them but you didn't understand
That everybody has their reason everybody's got their plans

And I can't escape the look from your eyes...
You seem healthy but you seem so unwise
And I'm shaken up and taken aback
And I'm losing my way can't get it back now

Never goin back
Never goin back to that
Never goin back
Never goin back to that
Track Name: Fresh Faces
Don't know what I'm thinkin
I lay there on my side
I halfway hope I fool ya
I laugh you say goodbye

But I've been thinkin bout you
I've been on your side
I've been thinkin bout you

The holy on my shoulder
The streetlights dance the same
A bullshit hallelujah
Cmon cmon cmon you find it strange?

You find yourself a picture
You find yourself a man
But I've been thinkin of you
And I wanna understand

But I've been thinkin bout you
I've been on your side
I've been out of focus tonight
Track Name: Crazy Spaces
Gonna find a space
I can go it alone
When the glass is empty
It's in stereo
What the mind erases
It's a burial

I got nothin in mind
It means nothing to me
That's the power of now
Or insanity
And the sacred bonds
That tie you to me
Are strrrrrrrrong

Huey Lewis and the News
When you ain't got nothin
You got nothin to lose
That's the power of love
Fuck I'm so confused

I believe in Summer
I believe in Spring
I believe in you if you know what I mean
Gotta do your best to keep conscience clean
Right or wrong

Everyone had a heart attack
Some are lookin round
Some they never look back
But heaven don't head
On a one way track
Holddddd me!

Got a dead end space
But it's looking clean
It's the kinda place that you love to dream
It's that crazy space you know what I mean
Do youuuuuuuuuuuu...?
Track Name: Give Up the Ghost
Give up the ghost it's a brand new arena
You want her you've seen her
And you know all the rest

Tell me the most mysterious reasons
To host all her demons
And pawn off the best

Hey hey hey, hey hey hey

Haunted by hoaxes
I'm now a believer
But still a believer
Just like all the rest

Heaven's the most
Peculiar reason
To change up the seasons
I have to confess

Hey hey hey, hey hey hey

Give up the ghost
And I'll wave to the winter
While half of me splinters
But you'll gather the rest

Peace in the heart
Means war in the valley
A delicate treason
It's all such a mess

Hey hey hey, hey hey hey

So give up the hope
It's a brand new religion
If you find it familiar
Then it's all for the best
Track Name: Jam & Jelly
Picture yourself on a boat on a river
I got the shakes girl and you got the shivers
I'm fine with what you're doin to me
My teeth will shine it's a sign of the free
And compromise is just another way of sayin defeat

Remember the days we had wine in our belly?
I was jam girl you were the jelly
But time wouldn't do this to me
I saw the line and I slipped underneath
If you were blind you could still believe
What you want to see

Ah, those were the days
Oh la la la, lalalalalala

I was the dead sea and you were the parting
Your head in the halo the jaws you were dropping
My god it's the color beneath
You come from behind and you feel the relief
Is it a crime to romanticize where you'll plant your feet?
Track Name: Rooster
Once there were thrills
Now we're left, with a silence that kills
I saw you were bathing in light
Thought you were doing alright
But I've come to expect...

A state of regret
Some say a state, that I haven't yet left
Remember the time that we met?
Remember the dances we stepped?
It's you...it's you...

Deep in the heart
I know we should finish, whatever we start
The pursuit of perfection depends
Is love just a means to an end
For you...?

Hey, you and me
What you see is what you get
What you know and expect
Remember the night you and I
Looked at stars in the sky?
It's you...it's you...
Track Name: The Lonesome Walk of James Bulger
Track Name: Balasana
Even when the rain comes
Keep it with a smile composed
Keep it well arranged and
I suppose you suppose
You're never gonna win one

Everytime you hang on
Do it in a child's pose
And heaven is a pearly gate
I suppose, you suppose
You're never gonna see one?

Whenever I find love in myself
Whenever I find love
Whenever I find doubts
I'm yours

Whatever I once loved in myself
Wherever I first saw
Whenever I found love
Track Name: My Heart, My Heart, My Heart (For Shawna)
Take Judy she's a teenage queen
She's got a false hope and a magazine
And if you watch closely you can hear her sigh
She takes me back home to the other side

Take Shawna she's a sword in the stone
She tells me life's worth when we're all alone
And if I can't make it through the day alive
She'll recommend me for the other side

Take Mona in her prison cell
She talks of real life but she fakes it well
And when she talks slowly you can hear her lies
She's always been there on the other side

Take Jesse cause he still believes
He's got his sad songs and amphetamines
And when starts singing he can see the sky
He knows we're all meant for the other side
Track Name: Ella...
I'm in love with you
On a mountain top

Don't ever stop loving you
Never gonna stop loving you
Never stop loving you, Ella...